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Professional Certified Life Coach

Board director for the international coaching federation

I help women that are unhappy with their jobs to discover EXACTLY what they would like to do using their strengths and talents, and support them to begin a new career path.


“Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential-holders are trained, experienced coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and proficient application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, competence in using a variety of behaviors and skills in their work with clients.” - International Coaching Federation (ICF)

How can I assist you?

Break free from feelings of being lost, anxious, or stuck

Find direction, develop a clear vision for the future, learn strategies and tools to ease and manage emotions.

Spark joy and fun

Reconnect with the joy and fun that has escaped you for a while. Reframe negative thoughts to enable making aligned choices and behaviors that can generate fulfillment.

Find your gift and talent

Feeling lost with your professional life? I can help you to discover your true talents and gifts to design and pursue a more fulfilling career.

Discover how to build up trust and confidence in yourself to change your life and how you feel!

Here are the outcomes you will achieve through my life coaching

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Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Experience a calmer state of mind, more joy and enhanced sense of well-being.
Increased Happiness
Greater sense of happiness and contentment.
Boosted Confidence
Successfully navigating obstacles
Achievement and Success
Achieve goals and find success in various areas of life.
Take charge of your life and make positive changes.
Better Decision-Making
More rational and clear-headed decisions.
Based on 28 reviews
Lucileia Franco
Lucileia Franco
Participei de vários cursos e mentorias com a Gisele e só tenho a agradecer a ajuda, conhecimento, clareza que ela me trouxe com a experiência e sabedoria e conhecimento que ela tem como life coating, me ajudou muito a ver as coisas com mais clareza na minha vida e saber lidar com situações em que eu me sentia,frustrada e hoje me sinto bem melhor com todo conhecimento que adquiri com as aulas, vale muito a pena! Obrigada Gisele Nakamura! 👏👏✌️✌️🙏🤩
Giselle Santa Catharina - English Classes
Giselle Santa Catharina - English Classes
"I started working with Gisele Nakamura in 2022 and it has been an incredibly transformative experience. With her guidance and support, I have been able to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs that have held me back in both my personal and professional life. She has a unique ability to ask thought-provoking questions that have helped me gain clarity and make meaningful progress towards my goals. I appreciate her non-judgmental and supportive approach, and I always feel heard and understood during our sessions. Thanks to Gisele, I feel more empowered and confident in my ability to create the life I want. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life."
Liza Ferer
Liza Ferer
Gisele has helped me Navigate through a period of my life in which I will be forever GRATEFUL! The world is filled with an inordinate amount of Negativity, toxicity, sadness and the media feeds the minds of it's viewers to FEAR. Gisele assists in seeing things from a COMPLETELY different Point of View; this approach shakes you out of "world" view and into a perspective of Positivity, Encouragement and Joy giving me the strength to Power through Life from a high vibrational Energy. She literally has been LIFE-CHANGING! If I could give her a 10-star review, she would have my endorsement in a heartbeat! If you are reading MUST see her. She's the best!
Marcela Winter Formoso
Marcela Winter Formoso
Gisele é maravilhosa! Sou muito grata por todo conhecimento passado no curso 10 princípios para obter sucesso. Super recomento!
Mari Stachenfeld
Mari Stachenfeld
I have been working with Gisele Nakamura as my Life Coach for almost four weeks, and the changes in my life and in my attitude toward life are nothing short of miraculous. Gisele brings to her work as a Life Coach extensive business training, a brief description of which follows: she tooks an undergraduate business degree which culminated in a many-faceted Masters of Business Administation, equipping her to work with many aspects and positions from corporate ventures to individual and artistic start-ups. She worked for many years in the corporate sector with great success; however, she is far more than a corporate coach. Gisele brings to her work an exceptionally high level of love and dedication, using her quick and creative intelligence, sensitivity, and flexibiity of mind to ensure that her clients achieve their most treasured goals, goals that she helps them recognize and concretize. She has certifications and recognition as a Life Coach. Her extensive palette of coaching skills includes perception of client and market needs, helping formulate goals, and supporting her clients in achieving their goals through analyhtical intelligence and brilliance of planning. She is a sparkling sunbeam, providing a beautiful light for her cleints to fulfill their most treasured dreams.
Fernanda Mizumukai Nakamura
Fernanda Mizumukai Nakamura
Daniela Piccoli
Daniela Piccoli
Gisele is an amazing life coach. She has helped me to live a more fulfilling life. I’ve been able to better prioritize my time and activities. I’m more motivated to achieve my goals. She has led me to a better understanding of myself and of where I shine brightest. Gi is extremely gifted at what she does!!!
Daniel Piccoli
Daniel Piccoli
Minha experiência com a Gisele foi simplesmente EXTRAORDINÁRIA. Tive o prazer de fazer alguns cursos com a Gi e ainda estou prosperando na energia da abundância da expansão da minha vida. Como pode melhorar ainda mais??? Quais são as infinitas possibilidades que eu posso escolher??? Gratidão Gisele, obrigado por existir. Você é um PRESENTE na vida de muitas pessoas. Thank you 🌻
Ranju B
Ranju B
Gisele is full of energy and a great person to work with!
Adriana FT
Adriana FT
Participei de dois workshops liderados pela Gi e foi simplesmente incrível. Gisele é sensível e empoderadora, consegue acessar muitas informações durante a sessão (inclusive remotamente/on line) e isso é incrível por faz toda a diferença. Além, é claro, de ser uma pessoa de espírito incrivelmente leve e divertido. Mal posso esperar para retomar as sessões 🙂

Discover how my sessions can create a meaningful change in your life.

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During this complimentary Discovery Call, we will discuss and explore how life coaching can support you in achieving your goals.

Book Your Coaching Session

Both in-person (Laguna Hills, CA) and online sessions.

Experience Growth

You will experience remarkable shifts in mindset, behavior, and perspective, leading to profound transformation in various aspects of your life.

Single Session

$ 200 Per session
2 payments of $437,50 (total $875)

5 Sessions package

$ 175 Per session
2 payments of $437.50 (total $875)
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15 Sessions package

$ 145 Per session
5 monthly payments of $435 or 10 bi-weekly
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As a Brazilian-Japanese descendant born in São Paulo and currently residing in Orange County, California, I hold a degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate qualification in Business. Over the course of ten years, I worked with seven different corporations and achieved success in my professional life. However, despite having what seemed like “everything” – a thriving career, good health, abundance, a loving family, marriage, and supportive friends – I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

Throughout my journey, I found myself asking, “What’s wrong with me?” and grappling with a sense of emptiness. At the age of 30, my life took a significant turn when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This health scare was a wake-up call, prompting me to reevaluate my life and the emotional stress I was experiencing.

After making a full recovery, I made the bold decision to quit my job and leave behind my corporate life. My body’s signals indicated that a change was necessary, and I knew I had to embark on a journey of self-development, becoming more aware and conscious, to uncover a different reality and transform my life.

During this transformative process, I explored various holistic and non-holistic modalities. My emotional healing journey allowed me to align my natural gifts and talents with my new career path as a Life Coach. I now assist people in making significant transitions in their lives, just as I did.

Drawing from my personal story, I have acquired valuable techniques and strategies that can accelerate positive changes for those seeking transformation. My clients benefit from my guidance in overcoming struggles in areas like anxiety, stress, relationships, and career.

In my transformative life coaching program, clients embark on a deeply enriching and empowering journey of self-discovery and growth. Tailored to each individual’s unique needs and aspirations, the sessions foster remarkable shifts in mindset, behavior, and perspective, leading to profound transformations in various aspects of life.

Gisele Nakamura